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Commercial Recycling Guidelines

Commercial establishments within the Borough are required to recycle the materials listed below. Businesses may contract with the Borough's collector, IESI, or may contract with another collector who has obtained a permit from the Borough. Businesses should obtain recycling bins from their collector or, if contracting with IESI, at the Municipal Building located at 59 E. High St.

Businesses must report the weight of their recycling materials to the Borough by January 15 of every year.  Forms may be obtained from the Borough offices. If a business contracts with IESI, that company will take care of the reporting task.

The following items MUST be recycled:

  • Glass Containers: Food and beverage containers (bottles and jars) made of clear, green, brown and amber glass. (Does not include window glass, drinking glass, blue colored glass, light bulbs, Pyrex, ceramics, porcelain, pottery, mirrors, etc.).
  • Metal Cans: All beverage and food cans made of aluminum, steel, tin or bi-metal (aluminum & steel). Does not include other aluminum and metal products such as foil, pie plates, hangers, etc.
  • Plastic Containers: Food and beverage containers made of PET plastic (polyethylene teraphthalate) or HDPE plastic (high density polyethylene). Includes plastic soda bottles, milk jugs, water bottles, detergent bottles, and food containers. Check the bottom for a number 1-7 in the triangular recycling symbol.   (Does not include plastic tubs such as yogurt and butter containers, toys, plastic packaging, etc.)
  • Newspaper: Clean newspaper.  
  • High grade office paper
  • Corrugated paper

Prepare recyclables as follows:

  • Glass Containers--remove caps and lids. Rinse container, labels may be left on. Do not break glass.
  • Metal Cans-Rinse, remove paper labels. Flatten cans to save space if needed.
  • Plastic containers-Remove lids, rinse and flatten if space is limited.
  • Newspapers--Tie in a bundle not to exceed 40 lbs. or place in paper bag. Do not put newspapers in a plastic bag, recycle your plastic bags at a local grocery store.

In addition to the mandatory items listed above, some collectors will also accept magazines, color comics, glossy advertising inserts, and colored advertising inserts, small boxes that are flattened, cardboard that is of the size to fit in the bins, computer paper, and corrugated paper (No waxed paper such as the inserts in cereal boxes). Check with your collector. Tonnage of recyclable materials must be reported to the Borough by January 15th of each year.  These figures may be obtained from your hauler and reported on the form shown below.

Borough's contracted hauler: Waste Management 1-800-433-7317.

Commercial Recycling Report Form

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Recycle: It's the law. Let's all do our part to save our environment

Code of Ordinances regarding recycling can be viewed by clicking here: Code of Ordinances; Ch 20 Part 2.